OOMG Operational Nowcast/Forecast Models Status Page

Current (UTC) Time: July 23 2017 16:43:32

DomainModelLast UpdateDeveloper Notes
SABGOMWRFUpdate MissingUpdating normally
ROMSJuly 23 2017 08:40:50Updating normally
SWANUpdate MissingUpdating normally
USEastWRFUpdate MissingUpdating normally
ROMSJuly 23 2017 07:46:42Updating normally
SWANUpdate MissingUpdating normally
COAWST-WRFJuly 19 2017 14:18:34Updating normally
COAWST-ROMSJuly 19 2017 14:19:54Updating normally
COAWST-SWANJuly 19 2017 14:18:44Updating normally

Times indicated represent the completion of data transfer from HPC to this server. Additional plotting time may take as much as 2 hours after data transfer.
Extended outtage periods may be noted in the Developer Notes section.
Update times in GREEN indicate data updated within the last 24 hours. Update times in RED indicate data more than 24 hours old.